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what is shaped tube?


Shaped tubes /shaped pipes are widely used in various structural parts, tools and mechanical parts. Compared with round pipes, special-shaped pipes generally have larger moments of inertia and section modulus, and have greater bending and torsion resistance, which can greatly reduce structural weight and save steel.

       Shaped tubes /shaped pipes are generally distinguished according to the broken section, and can be divided into seamless steel pipe special-shaped pipes, aluminum alloy special-shaped pipes, and plastic special-shaped pipes according to the material. The following mainly introduces the special-shaped steel pipe.

        Shaped tubes/shaped pipes can be divided into oval shaped steel pipes, triangular shaped steel pipes, hexagonal shaped steel pipes, diamond shaped steel pipes, octagonal shaped steel pipes, semi-circular shaped steel rounds, unequal-sided hexagon shaped steel pipes, five-petal plum shaped shaped steel pipes , Double convex shaped steel pipe, double concave shaped steel pipe, melon seed shaped shaped steel pipe, conical shaped steel pipe, corrugated shaped steel pipe.

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