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When chrome bar / pistonf rod need Quenched and tempered ?


Due to the difference in the scope of use and working conditions of the piston rod, sometimes the piston rod must undergo processes such as induction, quenching and tempering, and nitriding. Through these processes, the performance requirements of certain aspects of the piston rod may be more suitable for product applications. However, not all piston rods need to be tempered. The quenching and tempering treatment mainly depends on the material used for the piston rod. Because quenching and tempering is only a dual heat treatment process of quenching and high temperature tempering, the piston rod products after quenching and tempering can obtain the following benefits:

   1. It can effectively improve the working strength of the material.

  2. After the piston rod is quenched and tempered, it can have good comprehensive mechanical properties.

  3. It helps to close the micro cracks on the surface, hinders the expansion of corrosion, and improves the surface corrosion resistance.

  4. The piston rod is quenched and tempered, which can effectively eliminate the internal stress caused by quenching to obtain the expected mechanical properties.

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