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how to make sure hydraulic cylinder tubes not get rusted ?


How we can make sure hydraulic cylinder honed/skived tubes not get rusted ?

   point 1: Make sure the oil of skiving machine is clean ! The oil used by skiving machine is recyclable, but we have to pay attention to the cleaness of the oil. Because if the oil is not clean, it may cause rust of tubes.

   point 2: Make sure during all the transportation process, tubes will not get rain or get wet. This is very important, so please do not put tubes outside of workshop, without any cover.

   point 3: Make sure spary enough oil for honed tubes inside. This is important too ! As we know, it will take a long time for tubes transported from China to other country. Enough oil can make tubes not rusted.

   point 4: If in summer, in hot weather, it is better to make some small holes for the caps of both ends.  In hot summer, moisture easy is kept inside of tubes, so holes of caps will make moisture can get outside.

   Point 5: Long time stock are not suggested ! Whatever we do, honed tubes will easy to get rusted if they are kept long time, so it is better to use them as soon as you get them.

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